The Great Truths – Heaven Is For You

I live in Rhode Island in the United States.  Most Americans say they are Christians and believe in Heaven.  A lesser percentage say they believe in hell – even though almost every Christian church in America believes (even if they don’t talk about it much) in a hell that is God’s eternal torture chamber for the wicked.  Yet the scriptures say that God has justified the wicked by the infinite merits of Jesus the Savior of the world.  See Romans 4:5

This blog is about the promise of heaven for you and everyone you love.  Have you ever worried if you would see heaven or if a dear loved one would not see heaven?  If so, you are not alone.  The tradition of men that God, Whose essence is perfect love, will eternally torture his enemies is not the teaching of scripture when correctly understood  and made real to your spirit by the Holy Spirit of Truth, Whom Jesus promised to all who would believe.

Join me as we examine why our Heavenly Father is far greater, far kinder, far more loving than we ever dared to dream.  He is far beyond the most wonderful, compassionate, loving earthly father who ever lived on this earth because He is perfect in all these attributes.

The scripture says, “For God has bound everyone over to disobedience so that he may have mercy on them all”.  Romans 11:32  NIV

Meditate on that truth – that He may have mercy on ALL.  That means you, me and everyone you love or have ever loved in this world.  This is not an isolated scripture, there are hundreds of scriptures that teach the love and mercy of God toward ALL that He has made.  Let’s learn about this “New Reformation” that is beginning to take place all around the world.

David Goodreau


About dgoodreau1

A true believer in the perfect love and mercy of our Heavenly Father and the infinite merits of our Great Savior, Jesus. Heaven is for you, me and everyone you love.
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